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Application for BPI Certification Testing

Submitted applications will not be considered unless all requested information is completed, proof of requirements are attached.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Candidates Required Documentation

Employees or owners of established energy services companies that are NYS Minority-or Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), Veteran-Owned Businesses (VOBs), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOBs), or Indigenous-Owned Businesses (IOBs) AND that operate in National Grid service territory.

A letter of self-attestation stating that the applicant owns or is employed by an energy services contractor (see template letter in application).


A copy of the business' utility bill showing National Grid as the utility.


MWBE: A copy of NYS MWBE certification or proof of application/submission for MWBE certification
VOB: Self-attestation letter (see template in Appendix B)
SDVOB: A copy of certificate or certification registration number
IOB: Proof of address on tribal land within National Grid service territory.1

Income-eligible individuals or individuals residing in a geographic area identified as a disadvantaged community who either
(a) reside in or are already employed in National Grid service territory
(b) wish to enter the energy services field to become qualified installers of energy efficiency measures and services throughout New York State.

Proof of income:2
a) Income statement or pay stub; OR
b) Award letter from relevant NYS organization confirming the applicant has received benefits from any of the following:3
- HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
- SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps)/SNAP NYC
- SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
- TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
- Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)


Proof of residency in a disadvantaged community:4
Identification card (examples: Driver's License, non-driver ID) or other documentation that shows the applicant's residential address is within a geographic area identified as a disadvantaged community.


Proof of residency in National Grid service territory: A copy of a utility bill showing National Grid as the utility.


Self-attestation: A letter stating that the applicant is employed in National Grid service territory or wishes to enter the energy services field to become a qualified installer of energy efficiency measures and services throughout New York State (see template letter provided in application).

Company/Participant Limitations:

  1. Indigenous energy service contractors not located on tribal land can participate through the MWBE pathway.
  2. Income eligibility is determined by total household income, which must be at or below 60 percent of State Median Income.
  3. The award letter must be dated within the last 12 months from the date of application to the training initiative.
  4. Information about the criteria used to identify a disadvantaged community, along with an interactive map, is available on the web at

An individual is allowed to participate in this program only one time. Participation includes taking a Building Science Principles (BSP) course and the participant's chosen training course. BPI recommends that a company, regardless of size, only allow two (2) participants. Exceptions may be made to send an additional two (2) participants after a 12-month waiting period.

Applicant Information

Yes   No

Years   Months

Unknown at this time
Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)
Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI)
Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater
Practitioner (EEP)
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

To be eligible to participate in this program, the applicant must provide a self-attestation letter stating that the applicant is an Energy Services Contractor (See Appendix A for self-attestation template letter).

If you are not already employed in and wish to enter the energy services field to become qualified installers of energy efficiency measures and services throughout New York State, please fill out Appendix E.

How will you be applying for this initiative?

I currently work for or own an established business that is a New York State Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), Veteran Owned Business (VOB) or Indigenous owned (energy services company on tribal land) business.
I currently live in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) within a National Grid service territory and am already employed in or wish to enter the energy services field to become a qualified installer of energy efficiency measures and/or provide energy efficiency services throughout New York State.

Please indicate which certificate program or certification(s) you are applying for:

Building Science Principles (BSP) Reference Guide and Exam
*Each applicant will be enrolled in Building Science Principles (BSP) training and applicants must pass the BPI's BSP exam in preparation for the Core certification training. Applicants may waive the BSP training and exam requirement with a written attestation, or letter from their employers stating that they have the requisite knowledge and skills. (Appendix C for template)
Multifamily Building Analyst Certification
Infiltration & Duct Leakage Certification
Air Leakage Control Installer Certification
Building Analyst - Technician Certification
Building Analyst - Professional Certification

BPI Code of Ethics

The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is committed to promoting the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ability available in the residential contracting certification industry. By obtaining a BPI Certification, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of BPI's Code of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics for BPI Certified Professionals is designed to foster trust and mutual respect among individuals working in the industry as well as the public at large; it is intended to increase the esteem of the credentials and of the individuals who have earned them. This Code does not discourage healthy competition within the industry. BPI considers industry relationships critical to the industry's success. This Code is also not intended to limit the ability of BPI certified professionals to earn fair compensation for their services. BPI's goal is to promote the professionalism of BPI certified professionals' work products and thereby to enhance their quality.

I. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
A. BPI certified professionals shall not participate in professional activities involving a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest occurs when a BPI certified professional is inappropriately motivated by any financial, personal, or professional purpose other than the fulfillment of work orders. Work order fulfillment means the delivery of paid professional services, as specified, that skillfully, completely, and usefully meet the client's or employer's stated needs and desires, in compliance with all applicable codes, regulations, and standards.
B. BPI certified professionals shall avoid, whenever possible, even the appearance of a conflict of interest and shall disclose all potentially questionable associations and relationships in advance to any stakeholder with a legitimate right to be informed of them.
C. BPI certified professionals shall disclose to the client, in writing, any compensatory relationships with product or service providers they are recommending (if they work for a window installation contractor, are paid finders' fees, etc.).
D. When asked for professional recommendations, BPI certified professionals shall direct the client to the official sources for up-to-date lists of Certified Professionals and accredited contracting companies before making any personal referrals. Personal referrals and recommendations are acceptable provided that they do not violate any article within this Code of Ethics.
II. Professionalism and Integrity
A. BPI certified professionals shall comply with all safety-related regulations, warnings, and instructions set forth by local, state, or federal organizations and other recognized safety organizations.
B. BPI certified professionals shall report to all appropriate parties any safety and security concerns directly related to any work performed by any previous or other current contractors or employees. BPI certified professionals shall report any additional safety and security concerns to the client.
C. BPI certified professionals shall guide or perform work based on best practices and standards in the field, using diagnostics, testing and visual inspection within their areas of education, training, and expertise.
D. BPI certified professionals shall provide professional services that effectively guide their clients to reduce energy consumption, improve health and safety, and increase the lifespan of the building while also improving the quality of life and comfort for building occupants.
E. BPI certified professionals shall help their clients to evaluate the costs and benefits of available energy efficiency options in a way that promotes the clients' best interests, in full compliance with applicable codes, standards, and regulations.
III. Representation of the BPI Certified Professional and Self-Representation
A. BPI certified professionals shall neither misrepresent nor knowingly deceive others concerning their experience and capabilities.
B. BPI certified professionals shall neither misrepresent nor misuse their certification.
C. BPI certified professionals shall not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the reputation or the best interests of the Energy Auditor Certification, the profession, or the industry as a whole.
D. BPI certified professionals shall act professionally at all times and in the best interests of the client and employer. BPI certified professionals shall not act in any way that denies or impedes competent, timely, and professional service to the client or employer.
E. BPI certified professionals shall not willfully damage, or by negligence or indifference allow to be damaged, any property belonging to clients or employers. BPI certified professionals shall take reasonable means to protect the owner's health, safety, property, and possessions and also to prevent the undue loss, theft, waste, and dissipation of the owner's funds, resources, and supplies.
F. BPI certified professionals shall not betray the trust that property owners and employers have placed in them by inviting them to work in their homes and businesses.
G. BPI certified professionals shall ensure that any individuals working under their supervision will act in a professional manner, in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards, and in compliance with all articles specified by this Code of Ethics.
IV. Maintaining Confidentiality
A. BPI certified professionals shall not discuss or disclose to third parties any confidential information about properties, employers, and clients, unless required by court order to do so. Confidential information is defined here as names, addresses, phone numbers, financial data, personal details, vulnerabilities, defects, measurements, diagrams, blueprints, photographs, recordings, electronic versions, and other descriptions or representations that only the employers or clients have a right and a need to know about and disseminate.
B. BPI certified professionals must not, without permission, disclose private, confidential information about any client or employer for the use or interests of any third parties whose services and opinions have not been explicitly requested by the client or employer. BPI certified professionals may discreetly discuss their own work and working conditions with their family and associates, but not in any way that violates the privacy of the employers, clients, and relevant family members.
V. Disciplinary Actions and Appeal
A. Violation of any article of this Code of Ethics could result in disciplinary actions including the revocation of the BPI Certification(s).
B. BPI certified professionals have the right to appeal any disciplinary decisions to the certifying body.

By earning a BPI credential, the applicant consents to give BPI permission to respond to consumer public queries about my certification status and make available, via a search tool on, certain information including, Full Name, City/State of Employment, Certification Number, Expiration Dates, and Designations earned. By completing the additional Authorization sections above, the applicant authorizes the Building Performance Institute, Inc. to release certain additional information only to those specifically indicated above (not including the consumer public): Pass/Fail Results, Notices of Certification Renewal, and Accumulated Continuing Education Units.

OPT OUT: Certified Professionals will have their company name, city, state, telephone number, and email address listed on the BPI website unless this box is checked. If the applicant does not complete the Employer Information section on the front page of this application, the applicant's listing will not appear. You may also opt out of the certification process at any time by contacting BPI through any of the methods listed at the bottom of page 7.

The applicant understands that BPI may, at its discretion, post or remove the consumer public information on BPI is not authorized to post or disseminate any other information beyond that stated, such as employer, home address, or telephone number.

The consumer public authorization as stated in the first paragraph of this page shall remain in effect as long as BPI maintains records about certification. The special authorization as it was completed on the top of page 3 shall remain in effect until BPI receives and acknowledges written notification withdrawing the authorization. BPI's contact information is listed at the bottom of page 8. The special authorization is completely voluntary and may be withdrawn. BPI does not condition the award of an applicant's certification on receiving this special authorization. However, some programs may require release of this information in order to process or receive incentives, or for participation in their programs. This is not a BPI requirement.

Credential holders who change their address or employment are responsible for notifying BPI of these changes and verifying the changes have been updated after notice by contacting BPI through any of the methods listed at the bottom of page 8. BPI reserves the right to suspend an individual's certification credential when the holder does not notify BPI of changes.

The proctor for the applicant's online exam may be subject to a Quality Assurance visit by either a BPI staff member onsite or a video recorded exam session to ensure BPI policies and ANSI/ISO requirements are met and testing remains equitable. This evaluation is of the proctor, not the test taker, and will not interfere with the applicant's exam. BPI conducts these visits to the benefit of both the test taker and the proctor.

Consent to Use Name and Likeness in Videotapes for Proctor Training Purposes

By signing this application, the applicant grants the Building Performance Institute, Inc. ("BPI"), its agents and representatives' permission to videotape me, audio record the applicant's conversations, and take photographs of me in connection with BPI written and field testing (the "Content").

For proctor training, the applicant grants BPI, its agents, representatives, transferees, assigns and licensees a royalty-free, non- exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to use, copy, display, exhibit, publish, distribute, reproduce, adapt, modify, edit, create derivative works, re-use, re-publish, re-distribute or otherwise make any use of the Content and the applicant's first name for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to use as a training material, advertising, marketing, and promotional materials, and in any manner, form, format or media now known or later developed, including but not limited to, the Internet, television, radio, print media, phone-based services and digital-based services.

The applicant understands and agrees that the applicant will not be paid for any use of my first name, the Content, or for any of the rights granted in this document.

The applicant waives any right to inspect or approve the use of the Content or the use of the applicant's first name now or at any time in the future.

The applicant acknowledges that BPI may, in its sole discretion, choose to not use, or discontinue its use of, the Content or the applicant's first name now or at any time in the future.

Because protecting the applicant's privacy is important to us, National Grid and BPI do not sell, trade, rent, give or distribute information about the applicant to any third party. The applicant hereby authorizes National Grid and BPI to use the contact information, including name, phone number and/or e-mail address provided in this Application permission to share their information, for the purposes determining eligibility, program development and improvement, and evaluating performance of this workforce development program, including reporting requirements to regulatory agencies and authorities. The applicant also authorizes National Grid and BPI to disclose provided information where required by law. The applicant acknowledges that the Training Centers are independent service providers and are not vendors of National Grid. The applicant also consents to being contacted by National Grid or BPI about the applicant's experience in the program.

Using the checkbox above, the applicant is able to waive right of National Grid and BPI to use any of the collected information as part of this application.

The applicant is eighteen (18) years of age or older. The applicant is not subject to any restrictions, contractual or otherwise, that would prohibit the applicant from signing this document or preclude BPI from exercising the rights and privileges the applicant has granted to them. *If the applicant is NOT eighteen (18) years of age or older, a parent or guardian has completed Appendix D - BPI Parental or Guardian Consent and Waiver of Liability Form for Applicants Under the Age of 18.*

The applicant acknowledges that they have read and understood BPI's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

The applicant acknowledges and has been informed that National Grid and or BPI may send pre- and post-training surveys to applicants to evaluate, measure and verify the impact of this initiative.

The applicant certifies that all information in this application and the accompanying documentation is true and correct. Further, the applicant has read and understands the Consent to Use Name and Likeness in Videotapes for Proctor Training Purposes. The applicant agrees and acknowledges that a facsimile, photocopied or electronically scanned copy of my signature on this document will have the same force and effect as an original signature.

I understand and agree to the Application for BPI Certification Testing terms.


Appendix A: Template to Prove Company is an Energy Services Contractor DOWNLOAD
Appendix B: Template to Prove Company is a Veteran Owned Business (VOB) DOWNLOAD
Appendix C: Template to Prove Company Participates in a National Grid Program DOWNLOAD
Appendix D: Template to Waive Building Science Principles (BSP) Requirement DOWNLOAD
Appendix E: Template to Enter the Energy Services Field DOWNLOAD
Appendix F: BPI Parental or Guardian Consent and Waiver of Liability Form for Applicants Under the Age of 18 DOWNLOAD
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Thank you for submitting the Application for BPI Certification Testing. BPI will reach out to you if further information is needed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Michelle Watrous.
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